Brass valve components produced using CNC turning
KKSP Precision Machining produces oil valve components
Bronze bearing sleeves developed using custom machining
Aluminum tranquilizer dart capsules manufactured using cnc turning
A collet and other screw machine parts developed on a brown and sharpe machine
Brass valve components produced using CNC turning

Custom, Precision Machining.

With over 425 machines (mostly Davenport, Acme and New Britain cam operated multi spindle screw machines), we are able to provide our customers with world class quality, on time delivery and outstanding service.

KKSP Precision Machining produces bleeder screws and many other screw machine parts

World class quality

Delivered On Time

• Every part is manufactured to
  custom print specifications.
• Quality assurance permits
  dock to stock capability

Turned Metal Parts Inspections

Don't risk a line down

Multiple Facilities Provide Options

A KKSP Precision Machining employee does custom machining work

• 4 Plants
• 425 machines
• Over 280 million parts per year
• 2,100 SKUs and counting

Machine Shop Details

KKSP Precision Machining makes screw machine parts used all over the world


at every step

• Recycle solvents
• Recycle oils
• Recycle scrap metals

Plant Recycling